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Name X Org X Main Phone X State X Region X County X City/Town X Status X Last Update X Last Item Update X Type X
Waveland Animal Shelter Animal Shelters Charles at 216-2066 (228 area code?) MS Gulfcoast Hancock Waveland Open 2007/11/09 tfri 2007/11/09 tfri Animal Shelter Show
Waveland Animal Shelter, The (Friends of the Animal Shelter) Non-Profit, Animal Rescue (228) 467-0230 MS Gulf Hancock Waveland Open 2008/05/24 LTel 2008/05/25 LTel Animal Shelter Show
Waveland Citizen's Fund (see also Facility: Kathleen Johnson)     MS Gulf Hancock   Unknown 2007/12/16 CHoe 2006/11/16 Donor Show
Waveland Fire Dept City Run 228-467-2042 MS Gulf Coast Hancock Waveland Open 2007/07/18 DNug 2007/02/20 Info/Hotline Show
Waveland Medical Center Medical Facility 228-467-9281 MS Gulf Hancock County Waveland Unknown 2011/05/04 LTel 2007/11/27 LTel Medical Facility Show
Waveland Police City Run 228-467-3669 MS Gulf Coast Hancock Waveland Open 2007/07/18 DNug 2007/02/19 RHes Info/Hotline Show
Waveland, City of City Run 228 467 4134 MS Gulf Coast Hancock Waveland Open 2007/07/18 DNug 2006/10/26 Info/Hotline Show
Waveland, City of, Katrina Resource Center City Run 228-467-3425 MS Gulf Coast Hancock Waveland Open 2008/02/18 LTel 2008/12/31 tfri Volunteer Camp Show
Waves 4 Water     US       Open 2013/11/14 tfri 2013/11/14 tfri Info/Hotline Show
Wayfinders Church, Hurricane Harvey "Crisis Care Kit" supply needs list     TX     Kyle Open 2017/09/03 tfri 2017/09/03 tfri Supply POD Show
Wayland to Waveland (aka "Mission to Mississipi") City Run 617-312-7573 MS Gulf   Waveland Open 2010/04/04 LTel 2010/04/04 LTel Volunteer Camp Show
Wayne Township   973-694-1800 NJ   Passaic Wayne Open 2011/09/21 DNug 2011/09/21 DNug Info/Hotline Show
Waypoint Womens/Children Shelter (319)365-1458 IA Northeast Linn Cedar Rapids Open 2008/08/03 LTel 2010/06/28 LTel Shelter Show
We Are T-Town (WATT) Non-Profit Disaster Relief   AL   Tuscaloosa Tuscaloosa Open 2012/01/25 LPar 2012/01/25 LPar Info/Hotline Show
We Are Team Jersey - 2012 HURRICANE SANDY     NJ East Coast Various Various Open 2012/11/19 LTel 2012/11/18 LTel Volunteer Camp Show
We The People - org working toward original states-rule constitution     US       Open 2013/12/02 tfri 2013/12/02 tfri Info/Hotline Show
Weather & Transportation Links (National & Regional & Local)     US National     Open 2010/01/27 DNug 2008/12/28 DNug Info/Hotline Show
Weather Analysis/Predictions/Reports, WeatherWunderground INCL TORNADO TOUCHDOWN REPORTS     US       Open 2011/08/28 tfri 2011/08/28 LTel Info/Hotline Show
Weather Tracking, Irene, Prediction, Government     US       Open 2011/08/26 tfri 2011/08/26 tfri Info/Hotline Show
Weather, Actuals, East Coast, 6 hour loop     US       Open 2011/08/26 tfri 2011/08/26 tfri Info/Hotline Show
Weather, Irene Tide/Wind Data, Reports/Actuals     US       Open 2011/08/27 tfri 2011/08/26 tfri Info/Hotline Show
Weather, Irene, Tide/Surge Data Graphed, SouthEast, by City     US       Open 2011/08/26 tfri 2011/08/26 tfri Info/Hotline Show
Weather, Irene, Wind Speed Preductions/Probabilities     US       Open 2011/08/27 tfri 2011/08/27 Info/Hotline Show
Weather, Predictions, Government, Wind/Tornado/Hail/etc     US       Open 2011/08/28 tfri 2011/08/28 LTel Info/Hotline Show
Weather, Tide Predictions, Irene, Government     US       Open 2011/08/26 tfri 2011/08/26 tfri Info/Hotline Show
Weather, Tide Predictions, Irene, SUNY     NY       Open 2011/08/28 tfri 2011/08/28 tfri Info/Hotline Show
WebStarts (company w/good privacy policy)     WW       Open 2018/02/10 tfri 2018/02/10 tfri Open Business* Show
Wedewer Family (Flood Survivors) Flood Family In Recovery 319 270-8932 - Lynnice Wedewer IA Northeast Linn Cedar Rapids Unknown 2010/06/28 LTel 2010/06/28 LTel Family/Individual Show
Weed & Seed Community Development (202) 842-9330 US       Open 2007/09/26 tfri 2007/09/26 tfri Info/Hotline Show
Welcome Hall Mission / Mission Bon Accueil Shelter, Street Youth Outreach, Food Bank, Children's Program (514) 523-5288 CD Montreal Canada Montreal Open 2011/08/21 tfri 2010/10/16 LTel Shelter Show
Wellesley Coronavirus Community Support Program (WCCSP) helping people during virus, deliveries     MA     Wellesley Open 2020/03/18 tfri 2020/03/18 tfri Volunteer Camp Show
Wellsboro District Mission Central HUB - at Westfield UMC (UMCOR) Faith-Based, Non-Profit, Disaster Relief/Humanitarian 814-367-2284 (Westfield UMC Office) PA Central Tioga Westfield Open 2009/05/05 LTel 2009/05/05 LTel Warehouse Show
West Alabama Food Bank Non-Profit Food Bank 205-759-5519 AL West Alabama Tuscaloosa Tuscaloosa Open 2010/06/22 DNug 2010/05/23 LTel Warehouse Show
West Alabama Mental Health Board   (334) 217-0100 AL   Marengo Demopolis Open 2011/05/18 LTel 2011/05/03 LPar Medical Facility Show
West Burlington High School Red Cross Evacuation Shelter, School 319-754-6567 IA Northeast Des Moines Burlington Standby 2008/12/26 LTel 2010/06/28 LTel Shelter Show
West Central Human Service Center Mental Health Services 1-888-328-2662 or by calling the 24-hour crisis line at 1-888-328-2112. ND Upper MidWest Emmons Linton Open 2009/03/28 LTel 2009/03/28 LTel Info/Hotline Show
West Coast & Alaska Tsunami Warning Center - NOAA   USA Phone:907-745-4212 AK       Open 2010/02/27 DNug 2010/02/27 DNug Info/Hotline Show
West Colbert Family Practice FQHC (Federally Qualified Health Clinic) 256 359 4042 AL   Colbert Cherokee Standby 2011/05/13 LPar 2011/05/21 LTel Medical Facility Show
West Concord Church of Christ     AL     Pleasant Grove Open 2011/06/28 DNug 2011/06/28 Walk-in Resource Show
West Georgia SPCA (Animal Services) Animal Rescue/Advocacy 770-272-3178, Cell: (678) 457-7852 GA NorthEast Douglas Winston Open 2009/10/06 LTel 2009/10/06 LTel Animal Shelter Show
West Gulfport Baptist (Food Pantry) Hancock County Guide to Social Services 228-596-3481 MS Gulf Harrison Gulfport Open 2008/12/01 LTel 2008/12/02 tfri Walk-in Resource Show
West Hancock Fire Rescue Non-Profit, Volunteer Fire Department (228) 533-7847 OR Suzanne 602-791-7799 MS Gulf Hancock Pearlington Open 2009/12/21 LTel 2009/12/21 LTel Info/Hotline Show
West Jackson CDC (JacksonYouthbuild)   (601) 352-6993 MS   Hinds Jackson Open 2008/10/09 LTel 2012/05/28 tfri Walk-in Resource Show
West Los Angeles Animal Shelter County, Animal Services (888) 452-7381 CA Southern Los Angeles Los Angeles Open 2011/11/02 LTel 2011/11/03 LTel Animal Shelter Show
West Michigan free grab-and-go meals for kids     MI       Open 2020/03/17 tfri 2020/03/17 tfri Walk-in Resource Show
West Mound Worship and Service Center Salvation Army 614-274-7600 OH   Franklin   Open 2009/06/01 LTel 2009/05/31 LTel Walk-in Resource Show
West Nile Virus   1-877-978-6453 US NATIONWIDE     Unknown 2007/11/18 CHoe 2007/11/18 CHoe Info/Hotline Show
West Ohio Foodbank America's Second Harvest - Food Bank (419) 222-7946 OH NorthWestern Allen Lima Open 2008/05/09 STho 2008/05/09 Warehouse Show
West Ridge Church / Samaritan's Purse (Cleaning Crews, 2009) Faith-Based Disaster Relief/Recovery (770) 222-2125 GA NorthEast Paulding Dallas Standby 2011/06/18 tfri 2011/06/18 tfri Volunteer Camp Show
West Seattle Food Bank Food Bank (206) 932-9023 WA Northwest King Seattle Open 2009/01/11 LTel 2009/01/11 LTel Walk-in Resource Show
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