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2010 Mexicali, Baja Mexico Earthquake (Easter) - INDEX

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Powerful earthquake shakes California


TIJUANA, Mexico — A civil protection officials says the earthquake that jolted Mexico's Baja California peninsula killed one man whose home collapsed.

Baja California state Civil Protection Director Alfredo Escobedo says the man's home collapsed just outside of Mexicali, close to the epicenter of the 7.2-magnitude quake.

Esobedo says there were reports of more people trapped in homes in Mexicali and rescue teams with dogs and digging equipment are rushing to the city from nearby Tijuana.


Front of La Cronica newspaper has collapsed -

Earthquake damage in Mexicali; quake was triggered south of San Andreas fault


Millions in California, Arizona, Mexico feel 7.2 earthquake

San Diego Earthquake Mexicali Baja California April 4 2020

Source: San Diego Earthquake Mexicali Baja California April 4 2020 Today | Daily World Buzz
Via: Daily World Buzz

Earth Quake April 4 2010: San Diego Earthquake, Mexicali Earthquake, 6.9 magnitude earthquake

San Diego Earthquake 2010: Latest update on Mexicali earthquake
There are reports of widespread property damages

Pictures of Fissure(s) - (UNVETTED)

Baja 7.2 earthquake photos

Photos -


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