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2010 June - Arkansas Flash Flood / Campground Disaster - INDEX (Collection of links - Situation Summary, Orgs Supporting)

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JUNE 11, 2010

Arkansas Campground Disaster -

Albert Pike Flash Flood Coverage -

The State’s Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) in coordination with the Department of Information Systems has set up a call center for the Arkansas flooding event in Montgomery and Pike Counties. This line is to gather information on possible missing persons as a result of this flood.

The phone number people can call is 888-683-2336. The call center will be open until 10 p.m. tonight and Saturday and Sunday 7AM to 7PM.


Arkansas Rice Depot, Salvation Army among disaster relief responders

The Arkansas Rice Depot, Salvation Army and the Arkansas chapter of the American Red Cross are all sending relief aid to Montgomery County in the aftermath of overnight flash flooding.

As of now, responders have found 16 dead at the Albert Pike Recreational Campgrounds.

In a press release, the Rice Depot says they have flood buckets available and emergency meal kits for those affected. Disaster workers are also on the scene to help in any way they can.

They are also asking for volunteers to assemble disaster kits and other emergency supplies. A array of suggested emergency kit contents is listed here. Call 501-565-8855 for more information.

The Salvation Army is working to establish an incident command center in the Langley Post Office. They have been asked to provide food and emotional support to both first responders and flood victims.

Congressman Mike Ross says that family members looking for information on loved ones can call the Red Cross (501) 748-1010.





Several of Arkansas' rivers are running full after a weeks worth of rain. But in south Arkansas the Ouachita River is now near major flood stage.


ARKANSAS EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT's%20Office/Public%20Relations/6%2011%2010%20arkansas%20situation%20update.pdf

### The Arkansas Department of Emergency Management (ADEM) is the state's homeland security and preparedness agency. The agency works to identify and lessen the effects of emergencies, disasters and threats to Arkansas by developing effective prevention, preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery actions for all disasters and emergencies. For additional information, contact ADEM at (501) 683-6700 or visit the website at

June 11, 2010


North Little Rock – The State’s Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) at the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management (ADEM) is monitoring the flooding events at the Little Missouri River along the Pike and Montgomery County line.
Flash flooding in the area has left campers stranded and search and rescue teams from Montgomery, Pike and Clark Counties are working the area. At this time they have rescued approximately 30 people.

Arkansas State Police reported 14 fatalities by early afternoon.

“Saving lives is priority number one, ADEM is ready to assist in providing as many resources as it takes to rescue those stranded,” said ADEM Deputy Director Jay Winters.

Because of the lack of cell service in the area, ADEM has sent AWIN radios and satellite phones so responders are able to communicate with each other.
Dr. Bill Mason, Public Health Preparedness Branch Chief said, “This is a terrible tragedy and the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) has plans for assisting with disaster recovery efforts. This includes identifying and arranging transport of deceased individuals. In addition, the ADH Emergency Medical Services Section is on standby. Two adjoining ambulance services have been sent through county mutual aid to affected perimeters. We have other regional ambulance services ready, if needed.”

After the emergency phase of the incident, the ADH will assist any well owners in the affected areas with sanitizing and testing of water wells and other environmental concerns.

The Arkansas Red Cross has mental health workers and food stations on scene to assist with the needs of both survivors and responders.


Homeland Security and Emergency Management


For information on Albert Pike Campground facilities or surrounding area, please contact Tracy Farley at (479) 964-7200 or C.J. Norvell at (918) 567-2326.


Forest Service -
Mena-Oden Ranger District, Ouachita National Forest, 479-394-2382

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