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2010 Highland City Flood Disaster -

Facility Type: Info/Hotline
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Highland, CA 92346

County/Parish:San Bernardino



Early in the morning of Wednesday, December 22nd, our city was struck by the largest disaster in our history when a storm caused flooding, mud and debris to flow through neighborhoods from the mountains north of Highland Avenue to the Santa Ana River south of Greenspot Road east of Highway 210. Thankfully, there were no major injuries or deaths resulting from the initial flooding. Unfortunately many homes were damaged, residents were evacuated and major thoroughfares were closed.

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Dealing With Disaster
Updated: 12/28/10

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We have volunteers arriving Tuesday, December 28th, who will assist residents in removing mud and debris from private property. If you desire assistance in clearing your property or if you would like to volunteer to assist in this effort, please contact Melissa Morgan at 864-6861 x230.

As evacuees return to your homes, the Red Cross can provide additional assistance if your home remains uninhabitable. For after hours needs, residents can call 1-800-951-5600. If you need assistance during normal business hours you can call 909-888-1481.

Residents who need additional resources can call United Way by dialing 2-1-1. As always, dial 9-1-1 to report any emergency situation.

For updated information please visit our website at or our Facebook page at


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Inland Empire United Way’s resource referral center for storm-related assistance
• Public may call 211 for December 2010 Winter Storms information.

• City of Highland public information:

• Storm Conditions:

• Sandbags:
Also For fire station locations and other winter safety tips

• County Road Closure Information/DPW Link:
Also winter storm information

• Recorded Information: (909) 355-8800.


We will continue to update our web site at as conditions change.




Published: Monday, December 27, 2010 9:59 AM CST
Press Release

RELEASE DATE: December 26, 2010


Melissa Morgan

(909) 864-6861 x-230

The Higåhland Improvement Team (HIT), in cooperation with Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Harvest Christian Fellowship, Immanuel Baptist Church and California Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, is seeking additional volunteers to help clean up homes for victims of the recent flooding.

Volunteers will be meeting in the parking lot of Immanuel Baptist Church (28355 Base Line) on Tuesday, December 28th at 8:00 a.m.

If you would like to volunteer to help please check our web site ( or contact Melissa Morgan at Highland City Hall – (909) 864-6861 x-230.

If you would like assistance cleaning up your property, please contact Melissa Morgan at Highland City Hall – (909) 864-6861 x-230.


... property tax relief for flood victims
December 27, 2010

For more information, Assessor Draeger encouraged flood victims to visit his website, or call his office toll-free at 1-877-885-7654.

ALSO with Assessor -
Property owners are encouraged to photograph and document any damage to their property and any repairs that are made in the event assistance becomes available. Property owners may report flood damage to their homes and businesses

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