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MEDIA coverage -

Volunteers rise up to aid Brazil flood relief work
January 17, 2011
Military uses choppers to help Brazil flood victims
January 17, 2011
Brazil flood death toll climbs
Troops arrive as flooding deaths increase in Brazil
(mudslides and avalanches in Teresopolis, Brazil)
January 16, 2011
Brazil Flooding Leaves 555 Dead as Rio Declares Official Mourning Period
Jan 15, 2011

To contact the reporters on this story:
Adriana Brasileiro in Rio de Janeiro at abrasileiro @;
Alexander Cuadros in Sao Paulo at acuadros @
600+ dead in Brazil flooding
Jan. 15, 2011

Brazil flood and mudslide deaths rise as rescue goes on
13 January 2011
Brazil Floods, Mudslides Claim At Least 13 Lives (PHOTOS)

coverage -

Other -
Brazil Institute - actively involved in various media

Nova Friburgo (devastated - hardest hit)

Petropolis (hardest hit)
town named after Brazilian monarch Pedro II

Serrana region just north of Rio
Rio de Janeiro state
city of Rio de Janeiro
village of Brejal

Sao Paulo state (southeastern region)
city of Sao Paulo


Teresopolis (hardest hit)
village of Campo Grande
Fazenda Alpina


soccer field in Friburgo
refuge in Pedrao gymnasium in Teresopolis


Ipiranga River


ORGANIZATIONS on the ground:

Army -
military set up a tent field hospital

Brazilian air force -
(installing a communication center in Itaipava)

Brazilian Navy - (helicopter rescue teams)
sending a field hospital

National guardsmen and soldiers

U.S. Embassy in Brasilia -
located at SES Avenida das Nacoes, quadra 801, lote 3, Brasilia, DF, CEP: 70.403-900 (tel. 55-61-3312-7000), (fax 55-61-3225-9136). Internet:

Red Cross -
Herculano AbrahÃo, leads the Red Cross unit in the TeresÃpolis gym shelter.
The Red Cross in Rio de Janeiro says it has received 150 tons of non-perishables, hygiene products, mattresses, and blankets

Health and Civil Defense Departments -
Sao Paulo state civil defense

Vale SA (lending heavy machinery - help with rescue efforts)

police stations and churches

Amateur radio operators

CRS - Catholic Relief Services (active in Haiti)

ON STANDBY to deploy -
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


Brazil’s Center for Weather Forecasting and Climatic Studies
(CPTEC) coordinator Gustavo Escobar


Brazil’s Agriculture Ministry

CRED - Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters

World Health Organization -


Victims will be allowed to withdraw money from their government-run severance and disability accounts, known as FGTS, to rebuild their homes or relocate, Labor Minister Carlos Lupi said in Brasilia Jan. 13

Rio’s state government will help as many as 6,000 families that lost houses pay rent, will set up two field hospitals in the area and is sending 7.3 metric tons of medication and other materials to assist victims

MAPS etc.
List of municipalities in Rio de Janeiro

They are under increasing pressure to show a strong response. Brazil is scheduled to host the World Cup in 2014 and the 2016 Olympics.


EMBASSY of Brazil at:

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