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2011 Spring tornadoes, flash floods and damaging winds Storms (INDEX)

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2011 Missouri River floods -


Locate and Apply for Disaster Relief -

Flood Response and Recovery -
Resources to assist those who are affected by floods.

Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response -


Tornado Victims Relief Effort


•Mormon Helping Hands: www.ldsphilanthropies; 801-240-1201
•Salvation; 800-725-2769
•Islamic Relief USA:; 888-479-4968
•Southern Baptist Convention:; 866-407-6262
•Catholic Relief; 888-277-7575
•Red; 800-733-2767

Posted on Fri, May. 20, 2011 10:15 PM

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Severe storms wreak havoc from Vermont to Georgia
May 28, 2011

* flooded towns from New England to Georgia
* Winooski River and a tributary flooded into the streets of Vermont's capital city
* Montpelier and a number of other communities in central Vermont
* flash-flooding in parts of northern New Hampshire
* eastern Pennsylvania, a tornado that touched down Thursday in Schuylkill County
* Another tornado hit Franklin County in south-central Pennsylvania
* A third twister, also an EF-1, hit Crawford County, bringing down trees and wires and damaging about 10 buildings north of Springboro
* In eastern New York, about 65,000 utility customers lacked power. Most of the New York outages Friday were in the Binghamton area
* Georgia, two Decatur women were killed in Atlanta when a tree fell
* High winds toppled trees in the Macon and Columbus areas. A flash flood warning was issued for portions of Fulton and DeKalb counties in the Atlanta area.


Storm-Ravaged Areas To Get More Severe Weather
NWS: Weather Spotters Report Tornado Touchdown In Memphis, Tenn
May 25, 2011


Storm, hail, reported tornadoes pummel parts of South

Missouri's Black River levee fails. Where floodwaters could hit next
April 26, 2011



The Salvation Army in Oklahoma Providing Emergency Disaster Services In Multiple Areas in the State of Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma — The Arkansas-Oklahoma Division of The Salvation Army continues to respond to multiple sites where assistance has been requested to help with disaster response, including last week’s tornadoes and the fires that continue through this week. The following …


The Salvation Army Serves Broken Lives Behind Toppled Trees — The Salvation Army Responds Following Deadly Tornados Across the Carolinas

Charlotte, NC — Following a volatile Saturday that saw more than 100 deadly tornados and severe storms, The Salvation Army is busy assessing local needs and serving some of the most impacted areas of North Carolina. Initial reports indicate …





24 Hr - (much info)


Reports are:
In Alabama, the governor declared a state of emergency for all counties.
In Mississippi, a state of emergency was declared for 14 counties.
declared a state of emergency for 26 counties affected

North Carolina considered worst as reported by CNN and most covered area in news!


Disaster News Network -

Storms may have caused 40-car accident in Arlington
April 19, 2011


Full Coverage at:
tornadoes, flash floods and damaging winds

At Least 40 Killed After Deadly Storms Ravage Southern U.S., North Carolina
April 17, 2011


Weather Service: Reports Of Two Dozen Deaths From NC Storms
Apr 17, 2011


Lowe's Store, Neighborhood Destroyed In Sanford
Apr 16, 2011 -


At Least 17 Dead as Severe Storms Hit Deep South
April 16, 2011

Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina
By midday Friday, the storms had marched into Tennessee, Louisiana and later into Georgia. At least three twisters touched down in Mississippi, where a state of emergency was declared in 14 counties, causing widespread damage but only one serious injury.

The hardest hit was Clinton, a city of about 26,000 people just west of Jackson, the state capital. At least seven people were taken by ambulance to hospitals with injuries

also -


Homes, highways hit as deadly storms move east
Arkansas, Oklahoma, Alabama see deaths from tornadoes, high winds


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