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2011 Spring tornadoes, and damaging winds Storms (INDEX)

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North Carolina Storm Survivors Need To Guard Against Fraud
Release Date: April 27, 2011
Release Number: 1969-011


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April 18, 2011 (EXCERPTS)

The storm system spawned at least 62 tornado reports in North Carolina Saturday, where at least 22 people have been confirmed dead in the Raleigh area and 10 in Bertie County, located in the northeast corner of the state.

In addition to Raleigh, fatalities were reported in the communities of Benson, Bladenboro, Godwin, Broadway and in the Ammon area north of Elizabethtown.


Although the number of people left homeless in North Carolina by the tornado outbreak is not yet known, both the Red Cross and the Salvation Army immediately mobilized to provide emergency shelter, clothing and food for storm victims. At least 10 emergency shelters were opened throughout the affected area Saturday night. More will be opened if needed, rescue workers said.

In Bertie County, a shelter was opened at the rescue squad headquarters on Highway 42 in Colerain. Nearby Camp Lejeune opened at the Tarawa Terrace II elementary school for storm refugees.

Red Cross shelters were operational in such areas as Wilson, Snow Hill, Jacksonville, Farmville and Roanoke Rapids.

“We are aware of major damage in numerous communities across Eastern North Carolina. Red Cross volunteers began damage assessment in those areas Saturday and will continue on Sunday.” said Lynwood Roberson, Regional Executive for the American Red Cross in Eastern North Carolina. “We ask that individuals not affected by these storms stay home so emergency officials and Red Cross staff and volunteers can continue assessing damage and providing relief to the victims of these storms. This is still a very dangerous situation due to down power lines and flooded roads.”


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