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2011 Spring Tornadoes, Damaging Wind Storms, Floods (AR) - INDEX

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Denning Tornado Relief: Volunteers & Donations Info -!/DenningVolunteers
Nw Arkansas Disaster Relief Volunteers

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more news from the Forrest City Times-Herald


FEMA Takes Second Look at Franklin, Johnson Counties
June 23, 2011,0,4744393.story
'Stunned' Officials to Appeal FEMA Decision
June 20, 2011,0,3606506.story
Disaster Assistance Center to Open in Woodruff County
June 7, 2011
Families in Flood-Damaged Delta to Receive Free Medical, Dental Care
June 6, 2011
Mayors assess damages in communities; hope residents receive help
June 3, 2011
3 disaster recovery centers opening in Arkansas
May 30, 2011

Arkansas flood damage unprecedented, experts say
May 24, 2011
NWS says strong tornado hit western Arkansas
May 25, 2011

excerpt -
Senior Forecaster John Lewis with the National Weather Service in Little Rock says the tornado first touched down in Franklin County where two people were killed and continued to touch down before dissipating in Johnson County where there was one death.
Corps Blows Final Hole in Missouri Levee
MAY 5, 2011, 6:49 P.M. ET
Detours Of Flooded I-40 Expected To Be Expanded In East Arkansas
5/5/11 FM 89.1


INTERACTIVE US map of floods -Risk Levels
A series of storms has elevated river levels across the Midwest and South in the past few days. Track the latest conditions reported at flood gauges throughout the region, and click on a location to see additional detail.
Source: NOAA


Little Rock District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers!/littlerockusace?sk=wall

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Created At: Thu May 05 23:48:59 -0700 2011
Updated At: Wed Jun 29 19:51:25 -0700 2011
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