Lumber, Plywood (CDX - 1/2") needed by Shoreline Park Baptist Church

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Created at: Wed Aug 16 17:42:29 +0000 2006
Updated at: Tue Dec 02 20:44:04 +0000 2008

Urgency: Average
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Can Be Purchased Locally: Unknown

We have many requests by groups to "keep us busy". We will do just that, but I want to explain that many jobs do not have the materials that are needed and sometimes we have to make trips to get what you require often resulting in down time. While volunteers call and ask what to bring, we are hampered by each job needing a number of items that we sometimes have and sometimes do not and it is hard to give specific needs over the phone. We do not have the manpower to send someone out to get specific supplies for each job, however, we do have a general need for all construction materials like insulation, sheetrock, wire (very costly now) , electrical devices (receptacles, switches, covers, etc.). We try to require the homeowner to supply these where applicable but even that is sketchy at best. Bottom line is come with a good spirit and along with helping many people you will have a joyous time with us.
Pastor Edward Murphy

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