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0 - TRAINING for Virtual Volunteers, Assignment 1

Facility Type: Database Training/Admin
Status: Open

Anytown, US 00000


Fee For Service: No

This organization provides Temporary or Permanent Service? Permanent


Steps to become a Citizen Action Team Relief Database Virtual Volunteer

Step 1

1. Take the "executive tour" at:
scroll down to "Notes", follow instructions.

Step 2

2. Create your own user account. go to:
upper right, choose "log in" (see upper right portion of your screen for 'log in' link), follow instructions to create a new user account. MAKE SURE TO GO TO
YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT AND GET THE "Welcome email" and VERIFY THE LINK!!! by clicking on the link that came in the email.

Step 3

3. Create your own "facility" for yourself as a Virtual Volunteer. Follow the instructions at:

"Name of Facility" is your name.
"Organization" is "Virtual Volunteer.
"Facility Type" is "Info/Hotline".
Choose "Open" for your status (change it to standby if you stop working with us for a while)

-Put in your state, your city/town (or the nearest big city, but not your personal street address).
-Most people put their hours as "as needed" or "weekdays", or whatever.
-Skip down and input your phone number (if you are not comfortable listing your phone number in the 'public area' where all users can view it, skip down to the 'private management area' and input your contact information there).

Skip down and input your email address (the same one you signed in with). Add any other contact info anywhere in the "private section". Those blocks can only be read by approved Citizen Action Team Virtual Volunteers. The rest of the blocks can be read by anyone on the web.

In "Notes", you can add any statement you'd like...about the work you're doing, or why you want to work with us, or whatever you'd like...

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and to the left and choose "Create" button.

You can go back to your personal facility record and edit the information anytime you'd like or need to.

Add this page to your browser's "favorites".


Step 4

Go to your "Virtual Volunteer" page (the one you created above)

Scroll down to the bottom of your "Record Detail" and choose the green link on the right called "Quick Availability Creator".

Scroll way far to the right to "Volunteer Personnel".

Scroll down and check off a few volunteer assignments that you might like such as:

- Virtual Volunteer, work from home
- Data Entry

(it doesn't matter what you choose, you can change it later. It's just to see if you can "add items" to your database record):

Scroll back to the left and down and hit "Create" or "Enter".

Now tell us that you've completed your First Level of Training:
terra or leslie

We will go to the next level and show you how to do research and
enter disaster relief sites into the database. Then we will
assign you to the database updating team.

Thank you for being part of all of this. It's a revolutionary
concept in charity, whereby we let donors connect directly
with people that need help. And we let users input their own
data. While there's always risks to using the internet and having
social media interconnect us, there's also great rewards in the
ability to "self-organize".

In the gulf, we helped tens of thousands of people every week find
supplies using this tool.

We are assisting relief groups excess share with groups that
need supplies. We the people...will help folks recover...
AND have a template for building an army of private
citizen volunteers and respond to worldwide disasters. This tool
lends to a better prepared nation and world.

Already, we've set a benchmark for charities and other orgs to put
this type of data online. Let's keep going and set our standards
high, so that we can do the best we can to serve the people...

And...of course,

Welcome... Being a Virtual Volunteer allows you to help thousands
of people without leaving your desk...!

Info Source/Changes:

Created At: Wed Feb 07 03:48:24 +0000 2007
Updated At: Thu May 12 00:05:38 +0000 2011
Updated By: tfri

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