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00 - FEMA/Red Cross, National Shelter System, Main Site

Organization: Red Cross
Facility Type: Info/Hotline
Status: Open

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Contact us via regular U.S. Mail or by phone at:
American Red Cross National Headquarters
2025 E Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006
Phone: (202) 303 5000
Donation Hotlines: 1-800-REDCROSS (1-800-733-2767) / 1-800-257-7575 (Español)
En Español — Contáctanos

more info:

To see the state listings for the National Shelter System, where you can find lists of open shelters for the states that are participating in the NSS program, go to:

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Created At: Sat Jan 31 22:39:34 +0000 2009
Updated At: Sat Jan 31 22:43:39 +0000 2009
Updated By: tfri

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