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2010 RED SLUDGE Toxic Spill - INDEX

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Operation Mobilisation (OM)
October 17, 2010
Bus4Life vehicle


Oct 7, 2010
Toxic red sludge reaches the Danube River
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KOLONTAR, Hungary – Red sludge flowed into the Danube River on Thursday, threatening a half-dozen nations along one of Europe's key waterways. Monitors took samples every few hour to measure damage from the toxic spill and emergency officials declared one Hungarian tributary dead.


At monitoring stations in Croatia, Serbia and Romania, officials were taking river samples every few hours, though experts hoped the river's huge water volume would blunt the impact of the spill.


"Life in the Marcal River has been extinguished," Dobson said of the waterway, which is fed by streams around the accident site and carried the waste into the Raba River, which then flows into the Danube.


An environmental group that monitors threats to the Danube said the breached reservoir was on a 2006 watch list of some 100 industrial sites that were at risk for accidents that could contaminate the 1,775-mile-long river.


7 October 2010
How toxic is Hungary's red sludge?

bauxite, iron-oxide, aluminium oxide, silicon oxide, calcium oxide, titanium dioxide and sodium oxide


Hungary: Toxic red sludge has reached the Danube

Creeks in Kolontar, the closest town to the spill site, were swollen ochre red Wednesday and villagers said they were devoid of fish.

South of Hungary, the Danube flows through Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Moldova before emptying into the Black Sea.


5 October 2010
Hungary declares state of emergency in three counties


'Ecological catastrophe': Toxic sludge kills 4
State of emergency declared after red wave sweeps through Hungarian towns

This week's spill threatened to eclipse the environmental damage caused 10 years ago, when huge amounts of cyanide poured from a gold mine reservoir in a Romanian town near the Hungarian border into the Danube and four smaller rivers, destroying plant and animal life. Romania, what was then Yugoslavia and Ukraine also were affected.


Hungary Calls Emergency after Toxic Spill
Toxic leak in the Central European country threatens to reach a major international waterway

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