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2011 Japan Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear (Sister - Cities)

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, WA 00000



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Sister-Cities Relationships

Hyogo and Washington established their sister state/prefecture relationship in October 1963.

By working closely on shared government agendas and issues, we can simultaneously gain valuable insight and share key information to further strengthen our sister state ties and advance the lives of our cites.

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1 Seattle 1957 – Oct Kobe
2 Spokane 1961 – Sept Nishinomiya
3 Auburn 1968 – July Tamba (Kasuga)
4 Renton 1969 – July Nishiwaki
5 Kent 1969 – Nov Tamba (Kaibara)
6 Walla Walla 1972 – Aug Sasayama
7 Olympia 1980 – Apr Kato (Yashiro)
8 Pullman 1989 – Nov Kasai
9 Kittitas County 1992 – Apr Sanda
10 Sequim 1993 – June Shisho (Yamasaki)
11 Chelan 1996 – Nov Kato (Tojo)
12 Port Townsend 2002 – Oct Ichikawa



SeattleJapanRelief -
March 15th, 2011

SeattleJapanRelief is an collaboration of Japanese American and Japan related cultural, educational, and civic organizations standing together to promote relief and recovery following the devastating earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan. We are committed to mobilizing funds quickly in support of immediate relief efforts. We are also steadfast in our resolve to remain involved with long-term recovery efforts.


Coverage -

Ron and Don's Operation Airlift Japan -

Bikou-En Orphanage - Japan

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