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2011 IL Spring Tornadoes-Winds Storms-Floods - INDEX

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, IL 00000


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Mississipi river flooding -
May 6, 2011


Voluntary evacuations in 2 more flooded Ill. towns
May 2, 201


Storm chasers capture incredible video in Illinois
April 20, 2011


Reported tornadoes pummel central Illinois
Apr 20, 2011
Other reports of tornadoes, strong winds and large hail doing damage, including to buildings, came from Waverly, Auburn, Kincaid, Raymond, Farmersville, Litchfield and Nokomis.


Illinois tornado survivor: "We heard the ripping"
April 20, 2011


Downstate Illinois Cleans Up After Tornadoes Rip Through
April 20, 2011

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Created At: Fri May 06 02:15:56 -0700 2011
Updated At: Sat May 28 18:10:28 -0700 2011
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