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VRC (Volunteer Reception Center), West Liberty, KY (Supported by: All Hands Volunteers) 3/12 Tornadoes

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West Liberty, KY 00000


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MSU/Americorps Update 3/9/12

West Liberty Volunteer Reception Center is up and running!! (606)783-8756. Call in to help volunteer or if you are looking for assistance.




All Hands Volunteers announces that we will be in West Liberty Kentucky at the request of the West Liberty Volunteer Reception Center (VRC). We will be supporting their efforts to stand up a comprehensive point of coordination that will encompass workflow and volunteer coordination. Preliminary damage estimates for Morgan County, Kentucky where West Liberty sits puts the number of destroyed homes at roughly 300 with an additional 400+ homes sustaining moderate to severe damage.
All Hands is known for our ability to adapt to the needs of a community in need, whether that’s mucking out a mud filled basement, building a school or hosting a safe space where children can come play and be kids…we recognize and respect that not every situation lends itself to our traditional Volunteer driven model. The current need in West Liberty is for our technical expertise in supporting a local coordinative focal point that will enable a smooth and collaborative response from state and national partners.
Our role in the immediate response phase will be to support the coordinative function that will address the matching of local volunteers with homeowner needs for debris removal on and around their property and other needs as they arise. We currently have 2 people on the ground supporting coordinative functions with more on the way.
As it stands, the local response and the response from State and National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) agencies does not warrant All Hands opening volunteer opportunities up at this time; however, as the situation evolves we will be looking for ways to engage you, our volunteers in the response. Stay tuned to and twitter for updates and potential Volunteer opportunities or go to to support our ongoing response efforts.
Thank you for your support and interest as we help West Liberty on their road to recovery.

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